Settings Editor Support

Only use this form if the Settings Editor app is not working for you. Contact me here otherwise.

This form will guide you through uploading several files so I can locate the origin of the problem as fast as possible.

Settings Editor or Settings is crashing

If your Settings Editor app is crashing, please upload a logcat of the crash. You can get this log by using adb logcat or by installing the CatLog app

Please describe when the crash occurs

First of all, please find the folder containing your Settings app. It can usually be found in /system/app/Settings/ or /system/priv-app/Settings/

This folder contains a .odex file
This folder doesn't contain a .odex file

Please upload the Settings.odex file

Please also upload your boot.oat file. It can usually be found in /system/framework/arm/ or /system/framework/arm64/.

Please upload the Settings.apk file

Please follow these steps:
- Turn on Debugging mode under Settings in the Settings Editor app
- Open the Settings app once
- Go to Logs in the Xposed app
- Click the menu button and save the log to SD-card

Upload this log below:

Please describe your problem as detailed as possible

Please enter your Android version. Please note that versions below Android 5.0 are not actively supported

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